Making Contests Dead Simple On WordPress!

Wow!  Making Contests Dead Simple For WordPress Websites For WordPress Websites!

Contest Domination - Great WordPress Plugin

Every once in a blue moon, you find something truly special in marketing.  Something that can break through the noise and soft value of everyone else, and get down to the core of what moves the needle in a VERY big way!

We saw such an event not that long ago, when companies like LaunchRock reinvented and nicely packaged a viral launch strategy. They gave startups who were completely unknown up to 10,000 opt-ins virtually overnight!

But what happens after you launch? How do you get this surge in subscribers?  It’s a poorly kept secret that people love contests, and will do just about anything to increase their chances of winning.

We also know that interest groups huddle together, so if you could find a way to easily attract the second and third layers of a target audience quickly, you could have a massive marketing base to blow your numbers away.   For those of you running your site on WordPress (which many of you are),  a solution like that actually exists (unlike unicorns).

It even levels the playing field with the huge brands who have been executing this strategy at the expense of reinventing the wheel every time they do it.  Those big brands have been spending 10k+ to develop this solution, but someone has done the expensive, dirty work for you and made it super affordable.

It’s called Contest Domination, and it’s priced at ONLY $37 which is insane.  Click Right Here To Get Your Copy!  When I heard the price, it seemed like a no brainer.. but if you aren’t sold on the value of Contests for lead generation, you should at least check out what it has to offer since the demo alone enters you to win a full year of DropBox Pro, my favorite cloud storage tool.

Judy Musgrove, WordPress Web Designer

P.S. I’m not sure how long they are going to be able to keep the price so low on this WordPress plugin, so you better go check it out right now.  Contest Domination ~ A great tool for running multiple contests!

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