Epilepsy Empowerment and Employment book project

Melinda Curle - Epilepsy Kickstarter Campaign

Epilepsy Empowerment and Employment.

Writing a book to empower those with epilepsy in the workplace and help them get off SSDI!

I'm raising funds to write a bestseller that will promote empowerment in the epilepsy community. Too many people with epilepsy feel trapped and like their only hope for earning money is social security. I have been stuck in that mindset before. I want to write a book that helps people to tap into their creativity and explore other methods of earning money to support themselves.

Seizures do impact someone's ability to work even when they are controlled by medication. For me, the impact of the medication created some memory and retention issues that diminished my effectiveness in the jobs that I chose out of college. However, as time went on and I tried many other professions and jobs, I got a better idea of what jobs aren't suitable for me because of my epilepsy. I also came across dozens of alternative ways to earn money.

I had to eliminate some limiting beliefs that doctors had imposed on me. Too often we get stuck in a mindset of what we can and can't do. Breaking through that mindset can unleash creativity and help us to live fuller lives.

Helping people to become independent and live a more productive life (with epilepsy) will benefit not only the person with epilepsy, but it will relieve some of the demand for your tax dollars. Helping someone realize that they don't need social security relieves tax payers as well. It is a win-win situation.

For this book, I plan on interviewing experts who have succeeded in helping people with epilepsy find jobs. I want to interview people who are currently working jobs that may be ideal for people with epilepsy due to flexible hours and safe environments (nothing sharp or harmful around and doesn't require driving).

I plan to utilize social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) to market my book. I want to use the funds that I raise to pay for a good editor and a nice book cover.  Writing about epilepsy and helping people understand this health issue is key to fulfilling my dream.

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