Creating a Successful Plan!

No matter what type of plan we are talking about ~ here is some great advice by Chris Gardner, AARP's Pursuit & Happiness Ambassador - A Plan Must be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Consistent
  • Committed To

So many times, we do not successfully plan out our plan of action, marketing campaign, or our daily activities, then we sit back and wonder why the plan isn't working! ! Having the plan in your head isn't enough!  You must commit to placing it on paper - it is more like reinforcing your idea's, your plan of action, the steps you are going to take to accomplish your ultimate goal.

One of the key things that entrepreneurs need to do is plan!  Many times, we entrepreneurs shoot straight from the hip!  We know what we want to do, so we just move forward and do it!  Unfortunately, we are really setting ourselves up for failure.  I am not implying that all quick decisions and actions will result in failure of the objective, but when you are taking on a major project and want to change a few things, planning it all out just ups the % of success two-fold.

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I am a Freelance Writer/Blogger and WordPress Web Designer. I love WordPress because I can sync the blog posts to each corresponding social media network. What an efficient way to handle your precious time. Optimizing and fine-tuning your Social Networks is key and this is something I do as well.

I spend a lot of time fine tuning your Internet Presence. Why? Because being consistent all across the board is key! Here's a little tip: Use the same branding image across all of your internet networks. Optimize each social media profile with consistent keywords and information about you. Yes, you can modify the profile info a bit (to coincide with the social network you belong to. But it needs to be relevant and informative!

So, "How are you Unique?" "What makes you different then someone else in the same field?" Working at building your "Internet presence" is key! I build your internet presence, utilizing WordPress, Blogging, Nextscripts, Brand Yourself and many other tools. It isn't about you - my friends, it's all about what your customers need.


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