How to Get People to Comment on Your Blog Posts

Blogging - Oh My

By Josue Valles, Founder of Engagebit

Getting people to comment on your blog isn't easy, right?

blogging what a pain!

Even if you know how to attract readers, it's still very tricky since you can't control people. In fact, according to DIY Themes, only 1% of visitors will leave a comment on your site.

That's awful!   You can spend hours and hours writing and promoting your content, but only one out of a hundred people will express their thoughts!  So, is your opinion one "you can't do anything about it?"

Well, not quite...

Fortunately, when people leave a comment on a blog post, there's no magic involved. In fact, according to some studies, there are specific factors that entice people to†share and comment stuff online, and if you apply them in your content you'll be able to see improved results.

Today's infographic, which was brought to you by Engagebit, will cover all these factors.

Let's get started:

How to get more blog comments

Over to you!

Now you've all the information and resources needed to start getting more comments, and if you start applying them in your content from now, I'm sure you'll achieve better results.

No, I can't guarantee you'll have 500 blog comments, but I can guarantee that you'll see more people interacting and engaging with your content, and at the end of the day, that's what really matters.

All you need to do is start taking action.

Are you ready?


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