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Judy Musgrove & Sophia

This Is Who I Am – WordPress Web Designer :

I am Judy Musgrove, a Small Business Entrepreneur who has been in business for 10+ years.  I am a WordPress Web Designer who creates professional looking websites for the Small Business Entrepreneurs – I utilize the Blogging feature for those that want to blog – and either I teach them to blog or I blog for them. I am a Social Media Manager, I help you fine tune your social media networks, setting up the core foundation to make sure that you are consistent across all mediums.

My background is computers & I have been in the computer world since I was 19! I have taught computer classes to the elementary school age children, have contracted out to Microsoft as computer phone support & worked for HP as a Software test engineer.

I dabble in graphic design, & utilize Photoshop CS5 among other software programs.

This is who I help:

I help the (baby boomer) start-up business entrepreneur, helping them overcome the internet issues, helping them to become familiar with the different social networking sites, how to setup, how to maintain, how to determine which social networking sites are applicable to their business etc.
This Is How I Help You:

I create WordPress Blog’s & teach you how to blog, I also sync your blog/posts with your social networks – fine tuning the inputting process freeing up your time and letting you add quality tips, resources, links & events to your social network with just one entry.

I setup your Facebook business account & business page. I can assist you by being your Social Media Correspondent – adding a customized business cover photo to your Facebook fan page.

Another way I can assist you is by being your WordPress Coach – helping you with your WordPress needs, like adding new WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Photos, Videos, Links etc.

When the Business owner wants to do these things themselves, I will help them achieve the level they want.

To reach me just call: (916) 496-2449
Or Email me at: jlmusgrove@gmail.com


  • WordPress Web Designer
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Facebook Social Media Manager
  • WordPress Blogger
  • WordPress Coach
  • Facebook Community Manager
  • Facebook Setup
  • LinkedIn Setup
  • WordPress Advice
  • Twitter Setup
  • Synchronizing Blogging
  • Synchronizing Social Media
  • You Tube Setup


I am a Small Business Entrepreneur. I have been working for myself since 2002. I am very comfortable with technology as I have been in the computer field since I was 19! I am a WordPress Website Designer, Blogger and Social Media Guru. I set up your social media networks, sync them with your blog posts, optimize everything and help you create a social media marketing plan. My latest project: "Elegance Digital Magazine" a quarterly magazine showcasing women in their many different roles.

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