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I have worked for myself since 2002. I live in the Sacramento area and love it here. I am a baby boomer who is very comfortable with technology. I have a Sharpei Pup named Sophia who is also my partner in crime! :-)

I work with the Small Business Entrepreneur, specializing in WordPress Website Design, Blogging, Social Media Networks (Syncing & Optimizing). Determining which social networks the business needs to participate in is key to their Social Media Strategy. Creating their Social Media Strategy (worksheet) and a Content Calendar to assist us in planning what we want to post, add and display is also a key component that we use.

My latest project "Elegance Digital Magazine" which showcases women in all walks of life. I wanted one publication that deals with the many different roles women have. A positive spin, yet describing true to life hurdles, issues and reputation. I want women to be talked about in the media for their expertise, their policy making, their collaboration and brainstorming and the changes that women make with setting policy and raising a family.

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Web Design

Creating the look and feel of your company or brand is key to your internet presence. I specialize in WordPress - there are thousands of great templates and one will fit your company brand.


This is so much fun! With WordPress, you can set up your blog posts to automatically post to the social networks you choose - Running things more efficiently is key.

Social Media

Optimizing, syncing, and participating is key! It is much more then posting about your bike ride. Posting helpful tips and information is key to showing your potential clients your area of expertise.


Interested in updating, creating or editing your website? Have a question about blogging or social media? Fill out the form - leave me your information on how I can contact you.

Elegance Digital Magazine

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